Billboard and Digital Billboards for Musicians

Getting a billboard of your new tour, album, or song release isn’t as expensive as you would think. Whether you are a DJ, band, nightclub, record label, or whatever it may be, billboards are great exposure campaigns to draw eyes to your newest project.

Billboard Advertising For The Music Industry

Many Americans spend a lot of time driving on freeways. Whether you’re stuck in traffic or speeding down the highway, you’ll often notice billboards on your commute or on the way to work. Americans ages 30-49 drive the most out of any age group. It’s time to capture their attention with your message.

71% of People Consciously Look at Billboard Messages
The Average American Drives 20 Hours Each Week
58% of People Learned About an Event By Viewing a Billboard
18 States Allow Outdoor Advertising Associations

How it works

Once you reach out to us for a free demo, we will walk you through what locations may be best for you to reach your audience with a billboard. We will diagnose how many people may see your billboard and what cost it will be.

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